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Pétrole & Gaz

Oil and gas activities have been and remain, for decades, the spearhead of IDRM.
Their infrastructures are, most of the time, linked to extreme environments. Our equipment must be robust to withstand the most severe conditions.

06 industrie agroalimentaire

Industrie agroalimentaire

The agri-food sector requires the installation of waterproof, robust and corrosion-resistant materials. Our ranges of stainless steel products perfectly meet these demands.

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Energy distribution networks, particularly those from nuclear power, require specific attention to their existing facilities in the ATEX zone. Securing through our systems is an important and complex issue.

05 industrie chimique

Industrie chimique & pharmaceutique

These sectors use many products, often toxic, requiring great vigilance and increased efficiency of gas detection systems and other ATEX equipment.

03 aerospatial aeronautique

Aérospatial & Aéronautique

The aerospace and aerospace fields have always been, for our company, two key sectors in terms of innovation.

04 industrie maritime et portuaire

Industrie maritime & portuaire

Corrosion, due to these severe environments, makes it compulsory to use watertight systems and provided with special treatments.