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Pétrole & Gaz

Oil and gas activities have been and remain, for decades, the spearhead of IDRM.
Their infrastructures are, most of the time, linked to extreme environments. Our equipment must be robust to withstand the most severe conditions.

06 industrie agroalimentaire

Industrie agroalimentaire

Le domaine de l'agroalimentaire nécessite l'installation de matériels étanches, robustes et résistants à la corrosion. Nos gammes de produits en acier inoxydable répondent parfaitement à ces demandes.

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Energy distribution networks, particularly those from nuclear power, require specific attention to their existing facilities in the ATEX zone. Securing through our systems is an important and complex issue.

05 industrie chimique

Industrie chimique & pharmaceutique

Ces secteurs utilisent de nombreux produits, souvent toxiques, demandant une grande vigilance et une éfficacité accrue des systèmes de détection de gaz et autres matériels ATEX.

03 aerospatial aeronautique

Aérospatial & Aéronautique

The aerospace and aerospace fields have always been, for our company, two key sectors in terms of innovation.



04 industrie maritime et portuaire

Industrie maritime & portuaire

La corrosion, dû à ces envirronements sevères, rend obligatoire l'utilisation de systèmes étanches et pourvu de traitements spéciaux.

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Since 1983, IDRM has been developing and manufacturing products that meet the requirements of the European and International Directives (ATEX and IECEx regulations).
Our products allow the safe use of appliances, lighting, motor starters and other equipment requiring electricity, in potentially explosive atmospheres.
We specialize in the design, manufacture and marketing of products and complete equipment for explosive atmospheres and / or corrosive atmospheres, with the following protection systems:

- Explosion-proof enclosure (d)
- Enhanced Security Envelope
- Intrinsically Safe Envelope (ia, ib, ic)
- Envelope protection against dust (t)


Since 2003, IDRM works with an ISO9001 quality system.
In 2002, the company received ATEX quality certification from INERIS.
In 2011, IDRM is referenced among the companies holding the IECEx Quality Assessment Report.