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Electrical and safety of equipments

History of company

Since 1983, IDRM company develops and manufactures products which must satisfy the requirements European and International standards (ATEX and IECEx regulations).

Our products make for it possible to safety use, equipments electrical, lighting, motor stater, and other application requiring electricity, in potentially explosives atmospheres.

We are specialized in the design, the manufacturing and the marketing of products and complete equipments for potentially atmospheres explosive or/and corrosive atmospheres, with in protective systems following :
- Pressurized apparatus
- Flameproof enclosures
- Increased safety
- Intrinsic safety

Nature of I.D.R.M. provisions :
- Equipments for explosive and corrosive atmospheres.
- Design realization and manufacturing of equipments above.
- Technical assistance, counsels, repairing, …
- Stocking and distribution of Ex products.
- Training.
- Spare parts.
- Technical documentation.


IDRM company operates with a quality system ISO9001 since 2003.
In 2002, we had also awarded with ATEX quality certification by INERIS for its produits, and in 2011, we have been recerenced IECEx.

And is on Total's Vendor list agrement.